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Brake Hose Front BN7-BJ8



This is a Front Brake Hose for a Austin Healey BN7-BJ8. *** Two Hoses will be needed Per Car*** Made in UK, meets or exceeds DOT spec's. Cross Reference PHC123 GHP21

It is a well known fact that the typical life of a rubber brake hose is about six years. Many things causes the brake hose to break down, such as contaminants in brake fluid, high brake temperatures from heavy braking, the hose is constantly flexing and moving from steering and suspension which weakens the hoses. It can be very hard to tell if a brake hose is bad because sometimes brake hoses deteriorate from the inside out. They swell and almost pinch themselves shut but still look fine on the outside. Keep a careful look out for signs of deterioration, such as cracking, extremely hard or weak feeling hoses. All the while the hose can be shedding off particles and filling your wheel cylinders or calipers with contaminates. Changes your brake hoses and keep your car stopping safe.