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Camshaft Assembly Lube Joe Gibbs Racing



When putting your camshaft in your British car engine you want to insure you take time to break it in properly. All of the leading camshaft manufacturers say the correct camshaft assembly lube should be used during assembly and break in. We have found that Joe Gibbs Driven camshaft assembly grease has the unique ability to handle the extreme pressure that is exerted in a flat tappet (lifter) British engine and will dissolves completely in oil without clogging oil passageways or plugging oil filters. This lube is proven to cling to and protect high pressure surfaces during initial start up which insures proper lubrication and long camshaft life. Apply to cams and lifters (tappets) for break-in protection to insure you get a long life from your camshaft. It can also be used on distributor gears, rocker shafts, rocker tips, pushrod tips, wrist pins and valve guides. The size of the tube is 1 ounce which will be plenty for your British camshaft assembly needs and will not waste any for a great return on your investment. Every time your order a camshaft, tappets, rockers arm or push rods, make sure you put them together with this assembly lube from Joe Gibbs Racing.