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Clutch Line Master to Union TR4 ONLY



This line in frequently damaged when your trying to get a wrench in a compact area or if a line wrench is not used when trying to replace your clutch master cylinder.  On the Triumph TR4 the line is unique since there is a male fitting on both the clutch master side and female connect on the flexable line side.  Be sure that your old line has a female connection on each end.  The line is not pre-bent for ease of shipping but it made from a nicopp which is a nickel adn copper alloy brake tubing that meets all international and U.S. requirements for brake or clutch tubing. NiCopp has the strength and integrity of the original steel lines but with the added benefit of being much more corrosion resistant and easier to bend and than steel tubing with no special tools needed.  Make you job easier with a new clutch line on your Triumph TR4.  Cross Reference 588-020