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Underfelt Kit MGB 1968 to 1980



If you've got an MGB or MGB GT and you're tired of all the noise on the road and the temperature swings inside your car, our MGB/MGB GT Classic underfelt soundproofing is the answer. This stuff is made from a top-notch blend of natural fibers and synthetic materials, and it's a champ at keeping things cozy and quiet. It's not super thick, about 5-6mm, but that's all you need for maximum soundproofing and insulation inside your car. And guess what? You don't need to be a car guru to put it in. Just toss it on the car floor, and you're good to go. No special tools or skills needed. Overall, if you're an MGB or MGB GT owner looking to boost your car's comfort and insulation, this underfelt is a smart choice. It meets the highest quality standards, making your car cozier and quieter, and it's a breeze to install.***Because of size additional charges will apply for 3-Day, 2-Day, Next Day and International Shipping. ***