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Camshaft TR250 TR6, GT6 Performance BP290 NEW



This is a new performance camshaft for a Triumph TR250, TR6 and GT6. Made from Chilled Iron like original. Customer wanting more power than our BP270 we have upgraded the specs for the BP290 and have found great gains in power and performance. Spec's Duration 290, Intake lift .427, exhaust .427. Power Range 2500 to 6500, OK idle, High Lift valve springs are a must, 16 to 20 HP gain over stock. Made in UK. Even though we have made great gains with this Ultimate Road Camshaft, your TR6 will still have good drivability. But to get the most gains out of your engine, the compression should be increased to 9.25 to 1 and carburetion improvements will be needed.