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Trunk Carpet Set Autumn Leaf Deluxe 11-pc MGB and MGC



This is a Deluxe Trunk (boot) carpet set in Autumn Leaf for an MGB or MGC roadster, all years. Perfect fit and made in the UK by our carpet manufacture so you can be assured of a quality carpet kit that will really dress up the trunk of your MGB/C. The 11 piece deluxe trunk carpet set offers a quick make over for the trunk area of your MGB this carpet set hides scratched and worn paintwork on trunk floor. And when you open the trunk it gives of something of a luxurious feel and gives you a compartment you don’t mind putting your over night bags and other valuables in, without fear of getting them damaged or dirty. Additionally, a trunk carpet set significantly reduces cabin noise. The kit Includes a well fitted and bound main floor and rear bulkhead carpets, inner wing carpets and wheel arch carpets. The floor carpet simply slips into place and is held there by the spare wheel and fuel tank filler pipe and is easy to lift out to brush down or vacuum if necessary. With an elasticated lower seam the spare wheel cover secures over the wheel easily and remains in place until you want to remove. The other pieces are easily secured with upholstery adhesive.

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